Our Services

What can Arrant do for you?

Sports Massage – A mobile service to your home or sports club. A full assessment of your current health followed by maintenance or remedial massages tailored to your exact needs. Smooth out those troublesome knots, lengthen tight muscles, correct poor posture and improve circulation. Free yourself from the pain of soft tissue dysfunction and stand tall again.

Pre & Post Event Preparation – Get the very best from your body with the right preparation. Expert help to warm up and prepare in the minutes directly before your event and then to cool down directly afterwards for optimal recovery.

Kinesiology Taping – The perfect accompaniment to sports therapy techniques, a non-medicated way to ease those niggles and keep you moving. Each application can last for up to a week, stays on the shower and can even be used for water sports.

Personal Training – Health and fitness assessments, bespoke training plans and one to one or small group sessions. Be prepared for that special event or occasion, whether it is off season training, marathon preparation or wanting to look at your best for a holiday or your wedding. Why rely on off the shelf training plans when one can be tailored specifically for you to fit around your life.

Nutritional Advice – Many experts say that 80% of fitness is what you eat. Are you getting the best out of your diet? Your goals and preferences will be heeded to produce a plan you will want to stick to.

Group instruction – Circuit training, Kettlebells and general fitness classes for your group or club.